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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 14, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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drop in the bucket. he says the goal is to transform properties like this one on a more regular basis the journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step we got to get this done and this is a big step. >>of course the final purchase of this building was first to be completed then there's going to have to be design of the new building and then construction all of this could take 3 years or more that's if everything goes right live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news dan thank you nia wilson murder trial will stay in alameda county this morning in alameda county judge denied a motion to change the venue john lee cowan was facing charges of murder and attempted murder. >>after attacking 90 year-old nia wilson and her 26 year-old sister latifa wilson at the macarthur bart station back in july of 2018. cal's defense team filed a motion to change venue. say that they do not believe their client will get a fair trial here in the bay area. the judge denied the motion saying this trial will be racially charged no matter
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where it is held happening now 6 democratic candidates are facing off right now in the final debate before next month's iowa caucuses is that time already. >>the iowa caucuses represent the first nominating contest of the primary race polls show a tightly bunched top tier with senator bernie sanders, the senator elizabeth warren former south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg edge and former vice president joe biden. >>all with a real shot at victory. the debate also includes minnesota senator amy klobuchar and former hedge fund entrepreneur bay area investor tom styer let's step outside on this tuesday evening and see how things are shaping up as we get to be a beautiful beautiful view of downtown san francisco meteorologist dave spahr >>it's because i don't know if standing by there so rain are he had any weapons in the car or you know she was in danger forecast. >>there is, but we're going to at that point i had no idea. get through a which looks like a clinic clear evening clouds >>now at 6 a security guard is kind of a kind and wishing us being credited with interrupting the alleged late overnight, it looks like assault of a 13 year-old girl and chilly tomorrow morning was at some scattered frost in san jose thanks for joining going on and then things really start changing there's a shot of alcatraz in the
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us tonight. i'm can when i'm foreground san francisco pam moore called a hero for behind it the shot from the his quick action that garden says he was just doing his job golden gate also very clear up kron four's rob fladeboe has to the north bay so what you the story. >>i knew something was wrong i see that collection of clouds deferment something was wrong. up in the northwest that's our future which going to make it >>valiant security guard, a very messy thursday morning commute over the next 3 hours christopher gomez was rolling behind a strip mall here on somewhat clear we'll see east capitol expressway and temperatures fall into the lower 40's by 09:00pm again tours road monday afternoon when he spotted the car parked we're going into the 30's lower 30's and some of those in a remote spot and decided inland valleys watch out. to investigate i noticed him scattered frost for tomorrow in the back. >>with a minor i noticed age will see the clouds back again difference right away. and and maybe a few scattered obviously there's something showers early but then boom wrong. early morning commute thursday >>gomez said the young girl appeared to be in some heavy rain and winds all lined distress he then tried to question the elderly man whom up just waiting for is behind all of that scattered showers he described as uncooperative to treat as well tonight and then decided to take action item you know you set expectations, 41 san francisco, 35 san jose open by the vehicle. they refuse. coming in at 39, we'll also >>that's what i do my weapon and i had us about the vehicle take a look at what's going on and he came out we came out i up in the mountains where the looking at heavy snow their way to back to. area you may handcuffed him properly and. called san jose pd and they came have been a victim of a car break ins to tell you how >>they did their job san jose police arrived and arrested california lawmakers are this man identified as 17 year-old who won been new n working to try to put an end
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to it soon as in the south bay police said no one had been had story time with players hired by the victims family to drive her and some other kids from the 49 ers the nonprofit home from school after they teamed up with to make it dropping off the others knew all happen were pumped up about another day closer to the niners conference in deviated from the road and parked behind them all, but i championship game but the team did see things i should have. >>i'm a father, i'm a 6 year-old daughter and. that's what i saw was not ok. >>police said gomez arrived as the teenager was fighting off the attack. merchants here expressed shock. >>will he be in praise on gomez as a year old. he says he was just doing what he was hired to do, but i don't i don't feel like i am i just i was just doing my job, you know. >>that's all i really can say i was just don't have to do and i just checked on him. i just in my proper precautions when i was at work out so i z3pgqz z1ncz really do some things are just not meant to happen you thank god that you know for that for that kid that that security guard was here. >>cuomo says this can be a rough neighborhood at times which is why security guards here are armed. he says though that this is the first time
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he's ever had to pull his gun on someone, but he said he had no choice in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>now to another big story we're following tonight deputies have remove several homeless mothers who are living in a vacant home in oakland, this comes after a judge had ordered their eviction last friday at least 2 of the mothers and to supporters who were illegally occupying a home in west oakland were taken into custody. this morning we showed you this video live during our morning show as the women were being led out of the home says than people upset with how this has all been handled have been outside that home someone else who is not happy about this is oakland mayor libby shaft. >>i was pretty shocked to see. y3pgqy y1ncy tactics that were used to take them out of the home, i america's getting sicker. sick of donald trump, applaud them. we're giving there are one million more uninsured americans every year under trump. everyone a wake-up call that and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. this is unacceptable. that mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without mothers have to go to these health coverage can get it, levels to put a roof over and everyone who likes theirs, keep it.
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while capping fees to lower costs. their children's head, which is a basic human right. it is as mayor, he helped expand coverage to outrageous. seven hundred thousand more people. and championed women's reproductive health. >>once the women were evicted the owners of the home have as president, he'll give access to everyone. since put up a fence and boarded up the doors and the i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. windows. >>as for those mothers who are arrested they have since been released want to show you some video it's right here when they first were released from the jail. stay people outside chanting moms for housing plan for says he might do and was there and has the latest since the release. within hours of being arrested 2 moms for housing activist kaladi key good misty crossed were released from santa rita jail in dublin, we got i'm not a bigger movement because this fight is bigger. >>they should even put us the year it was just before sunrise tuesday when deputies with the alameda county sheriff's office served a court ordered even action at this private property in west there were some early oakland, the location became an organizing hub for moms for questions as to how his personality would play here in
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housing activists after letting themselves into the the bay area but so far so vacant space back in november, good however, most importantly niners nick bosa has been 2019 they've been asking to buy this home the whole time dominant on the field and just so to send in a paramilitary force when the only thing that as much as advertised coming out of college and today. that the people had outside were dream catchers and drums. >>he was recognized by the pro football writers of america, >>it's it's it's obscene. both so was named rookie of the year by pro football focus >>to build the birds of mobs is the first defensive player for housing were also released to win the pro football from jail while to baker and writers of america award since jesse turner describes what it 2013 he appeared in all 16 was like being inside with the games and registration ice act. he also led the nfl with deputies forced their way in they had the door vasher and 25 quarterback hits in his the doors i've asked to pieces first year in san francisco. windows smashed we're upstairs he had 47 total tackles 16 supporters in the moms. tackles for loss which was >>and we come downstairs hands tied for 5th among all nfl raised said we're not resisting arrest and they said players. he defended 2 passes come out, we said no after had to fumble recoveries and gaining entry to the property. the sheriff's office says they he forced a fumble and got the deployed a robotic camera into interception what a resume in your first year in his playoff the structure to make sure it debut last week both had 2 was safe to enter they had sacks in 6 tackles now we've come up with the system. >>and a way to. secure those got you covered with nfc doors can make it difficult for us to enter the home championship content all week officials with the alameda long here on kron 4 and our county sheriff's office say
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digital platform kron on and all 4 of the mob's for housing make sure you catch our red activist were charged with and gold zone preview specials. this saturday, resisting arrest. they were starting at 09:00pm back to released after each posted you guys all right jason, $5,000 bill as for what thank you after a few weeks a happens next. we're going to mostly clear skies snowstorms start organizing all over the a return to squaw valley and city. alpine meadows, this is video >>north east to west. house from squaw valley this parties, small gatherings morning. they received about 5 large forms we're going to inches of fresh snow overnight continue this conversation. >>in dublin haaziq madyun kron and it's still coming down right now the storm also 4 news. brought some high winds to the >>and this next story is area was. another reminder about the >>a top speed of this is 128 need for more affordable housing across the bay area miles an hour. this is the today. the city of san first storm of a series of francisco announce that it is storms forecast to hit. the in negotiations to purchase a building on the edge of the castro district and turn it sierra this week so bundle up into affordable housing for and get ready, let's take a seniors. kron four's dan look outside right now here in kerman is live there tonight. the bay area as we show the he has more on all of this embarcadero in the bay bridge stand. and davis here going to talk about the snow in the sierras >>wolf and this is the always a beautiful picture, building it's the sheet metal workers union building in the but boy if you're trying to idea is to purchase this and get up there and that's where the good news is that most of the parking lot next door and happened or the week so when turn it into a 100 affordable you get up to the weekend housing units. this is san there might be some stuck at the little bit on saturday but francisco's only affordable after that we'll get a doctor king day so maybe it's a housing complex aimed at lgbtq holiday lot of people can stay up there next today.
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seniors. i'm i'm. >>we'll have this kind of turned off a little bit to >>i can relax my muscles, my enjoy was already coming here is what the forecast model say about the next tips. ok we're shoulders and got it is just less some leftover clouds over the greatest feeling because the snow happening. it's a said definitely welcome but break. >>wednesday here comes the cloud cover and then about atm open house on laguna street only as a 119 apartments. it starts heading and it is >>3,000 people still remain on pretty hard to ignore again talking about all the stuff the waiting list. you heard about earlier the heavy winds be on 100 mile per >>the needs so far exceeds hour winds are going to add to that also add to the snow what we have available. it's pack. this will be down to quite frankly hard to wrap your mind around. and hart kind of scattered snow showers it looks like by thursday late told in your heart the pain in the day. we have a winter that's causing people to storm warning has been posted >>aaron school teddy is the because of this new storm executive director of open that's coming sera o so start off about 2000 feet about one house that's all we hear from seniors over and over again is to 2 feet of snow added to they're living in fear, this some localized areas may they're living in fear of eviction they're living in get 3. but caution if you're fear that the building they live and will be sold they're in travels there and snow living on the streets, the levels may actually rise up to homeless population in the 3 and a about 3 and a half up city is largely over 50 years 1000 feet. potentially but old but another 100 units may reduced visibility with the be coming online the city has blowing and drifting snow and all of that back in the home front nice clear shot. we have announced they're in negotiations to purchase this property on the edge of the kind of mostly clear skies in castro district. many areas across the bay that's going to change but
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>>which now houses the sheet that's allowing temperatures metal workers union and a to fall, we'll turn to mostly parking lot it's a very big cloudy probably by dawn but it's a significant it will be temperatures falling about 33 it will be a significant at the santa rosa, 35 san jose affordable housing development. >>and i'm very excited to see 34 going on for livermore it happenijust a patchy scattered frost-free possible and that's going to fight the fact that even though we're going to be looking at some cloud cover building is you have to have clear skies to see that frost will probably see some in some fog to got to kind of littering some upper 30's going on on the east bay shoreline so this is the creature going to do it to us right here, it's all wound up, given about a day or so to get its act together before plows on through the wake-up forecast tomorrow, scattered frost and fog. temperatures 36 or so inland, we have 40's around the media at bay by noon temperatures approaching it 50 call maybe the sun poking a little bit temporarily that it goes back into hiding. we have temperatures lower to middle 50's by the mid afternoon at 3 o'clock. so here's what goes on with the winds us to the winds first because they kind of outline what we're talking about freezing at about midnight on thursday, so it justices wednesday late night.
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early thursday here the strong winds notice the arrows all coming to south. this is also going to kind of a raise the snow levels a little bit do this because of a southerly wind and then the shift happens more northwesterly heavy winds as this traverse across the bay at about 05:06am, with heavy rain showers you can expect of all of that as well let's go check into that precipitation part of the forecast year again when the heavy storms expected to hit. perfectly timed right for your morning commute there you have it and that will be left with some scattered showers in the afternoon. we'll take a look what's going on at your extended forecast in a bit back to you. all right, thank you david story we're following today several state lawmakers announced legislation to try to prevent a car break in the new bill would make it easier to prosecute auto burglary by eliminating the need to prove that a car's doors were locked when the theft occurred earlier today on kron on we talked with the rend assemblywoman rebecca bauer, kahan ah she's one of the authors of the bill.
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>>why this is important is that with the prosecutors having to prove it was locked that is really hard to prove right and so removing not if you break the window you are intending to break into someone's car and you shouldn't have to prove it was locked before that happened and so making sure that we have yet break it was clear that we can possibly get it to us. >>and you are mentioning as far as i'm the you know the feeling of being violated and certainly there are certain cases where people going through the glove compartment they can get personal data information they can grab. i for if you have yeah door opener for your home, i mean it sounds registration is right is just a horrible situation right absolutely and i think if your driver's license with your home address is still in your home he's great you just. >>you don't know what's going to happen next and so people have a right to be protected the crimes so up until of until the presentation of this bill in order to prosecute a
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car breakin despite a broken window and stolen goods a prosecutor would still have to prove that the door was locked is that right that's right wows effort and it's an important change though is actually introduced last year by senator winner didn't make it through the process that we're back at it and joining them is an author i think it is such an important effort is something we're going to work so how could someone best support your efforts. i mean should we call should be what should we do our news we need to make sure this makes it all the way through the legislative process it becomes law so yes, he is call randi always love hearing from our constituents, especially when it's about a bill that money spent. and to listen to the rest of this interview just download the kron on app live local news streaming commercial free 24 7 coming up tonight at 6.25 pregnant workers are still fighting for the right to work under fair conditions how lawmakers on capitol hill are working to make that happen next if you have a teenager they more than
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♪ >>as you might want to listen to this a new report reveals popular app to talk has some major security flaw the shock is widely popular among teenagers and apparently it is extremely vulnerable to hackers earlier today on kron on we heard from security expert matt lawrence on what you can do to make sure your child information is safe.
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>>that were identified was basically to and maybe was the first one was a mess a mess. problem you can essentially go to talk and how did this in this state to a 2 and the x number a cell phone. and from there you user or the victim in this case directed to any web site or for little-seen she i wonder the user to go to. now if we think about laptops or if you go on a computer. this practice would be to hover over any link that somebody say is you and see where it directs you with a cell phone. it's a little bit more challenging. >>so something like that could potentially i know a lot of young kids use take talk it could potentially lead kids to you know adults-only website sir or things of that nature right. >>oh absolutely i mean and that would be hashed don't say that's the least of houses
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worries. but naturally you can do things like that you could also get a kid to disclose information like area credit card information and you could have enters into the anything that you would want which essentially puts a household addressed i would send my kid in grade or than just that the kids themselves. >>now you said that this particular risk has been the crisis if you will has been averted how did ah checkpoint do that and how do we know that that particular. risk couldn't you know potentially happening got that's a great question. >>so so normally when a. when a vendor or they let's say when a security organization like checkpoint identifies risk factors with other like for example whatsapp last year there's a couple of was the checkpoint is going through when they did find that they made us closer to the organization first the organization that has the opportunity to address which
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everybody believes that the unidentified and then checkpoint actually looking to him to test to make sure that that actually has been the case like that to talk now to talk to respond pretty quickly. it has been addressed. your statement obviously these were the ones that was discovered by checkpoint. but you know there might be other but i hope that answers your question. >>listen to the rest of that interview you can download the kron on app from your app store. still ahead. currently supports drivers under the influence to leave the scene after an accident. how lawmakers are trying to close that loophole plus house speaker nancy pelosi expected to send articles of impeachment to the senate tomorrow with the trial on president trump likely and less than a week and next a sixor day and there they are niners players air off the field in the classroom after the break we'll go to an elementary school
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>>on the field and in the classroom today, a group of san francisco 49 ers took time away from getting ready for sunday's nfc championship game
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